The Story So Far, part 1: Enter the Heroes

Our story began in the small town of Freeman’s Mill in the foothills of the Auroran Mountains. Goblins of all sorts had been plaguing the town for the past several weeks. The attacks had been sporadic at first. But what had started as a simple dangerous annoyance, had quickly escalated to the town struggling for its very survival.

Into this setting entered our heroes. Three of them were local faces, though not all of them were recognizable by the public at large. [[Rockbiter, Tonkin | Tonkin]] Rockbiter was a kind but mischievious dwarf following in the footsteps of hes father, Torin, into the Pelorian priesthood. [[Daar, Rurick | Rurick]] Daar had come to the the town several years earlier from Otnem Arcas. Despite his Macàn heritage, his easy charm and skill with a polearm quickly won his way into the town guard, and respect from his peers. [[Shadowheart, Ella | Ella]] Shadowheart, was a gnome posing as the hafling janitor of the town hall and library. As a gnome, she was none too happy with spending so much time among the humans in their town, but it gave her access to the books that she craved. Abd also to a certain extent, access to her friend the elderly elven librarian, [[Featherflight, Monral | Monral Featherflight]].

The other two were strangers to the town. The man known only as Boor had been brought to the town barely alive a week before the goblin attacks had begun. It was thought that he had been set upon by robbers (or worse) and been left to die by the side of the road. He had been placed in the care of [[Whitehand, Rebecca | Rebecca Whitehand]] who had nursed his body back to a reasonable state of health. His mind, however, she secretly feared would never be fully repaired.

Finally, the most unique of the towns eventual heroes was Palomides, the dragonborn astrologer. Though there were a few dragonborn in the town, she was not like those that had come before—first as guards for merchant caravans and later as missionaries for their dragon god. Palomides was stern and direct to the point that she could be considered rude by those who were sensitive to the niceties of ettiquite. Her bearing was as noble as any of her race, but she wore no sword or breastplate. She had safely avoided the goblins to arrive at the doorstep of the town library a week ago. Every day she would study at the library a particular book until the end of the day, when she would return it to Monral, eat a light supper at the Horn and Hoof Inn, and then return outside to study the stars into the small hours of the morning.


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