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  • Boor

    A sweet but mentally and physically disfigured human fighter. Known for his lack of regard for anything but what takes his fancy, and his ability to swing a blade into a monster.

  • Palomedis

    Arrived in Freeman’s Mill in order to research with Monral Featherflight regarding the whereabouts of her master and mentor, Pellinore. Since the attack of the Black Gauntlet, Palomides has quickly come to the forefront of the town’s defense force, and a …

  • Rockbiter, Tonkin

    A happy, sociable, and somewhat mischevious dwarven cleric of Pelor. Tonkin is very interested in doing the right thing, but he has a touch of the wanderlust, and he his looking to recover the lost soul of his father.

  • Shadowheart, Ella

    A shy but friendly and curious gnome wizard. She would do research in the town library (along with Palomedis and Monral Featherflight) under the guise of being a halfling janitor for the building. She is very interested in doing what is needed by the …