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The following is the beginning of the Campaign Handout I gave to my current players:

The days of glory are long gone. The Golden Age of Oeron the Just, if there ever truly was such a man, has withered and blown away on the western winds. Now we struggle daily for food, shelter, and the right to live in peace in these foothills. It is a hard life—though we know no other. We defend our land as fiercely as any dwarf in a hole, and make our way as best we can. But the stories of the great Casciorna-by-the-Sea and the Kingdom of Free Men are simply that—stories that we take out and dust off when we need to take our minds off the most recent hobgoblin raid. —Owen Casker, bartender and owner of Horn and Hoof

Most often, heroes never set out to be such. They are those who rise to the occasion when the need is greatest, and the cause is larger than themselves. —Elria Redhood, Loremistress of the Keshan Order

The time is drawing near when Our foretold victory will come to pass. Our waiting will be over, and Our supremacy will begin. We have seen it in the dawn clouds. We have seen it on the floor of the inland sea; and We have seen it in the eviscerated entrails of our enemies. We wait with anticipation: OUR ERA IS UPON US! —Dakkan Sul, Prophet of the Ur-Mother

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