The structure of the Casciornan Pantheon consists primarily of four levels of deities. The upper most level is that of the Over-Deities that make up themselves the totality of the multiverse. These are the deities of the deities. For example, the Ama Sekoi, which is understood to not only be the goddess of all things, but is also herself the World (or Prime Material Plane for all the old-school D&D players out there). These deities are unknown to all but the most wise of sages and the oldest of races (such as the dragons and elemental titans).

Below that is the Great Family, the Greater Gods: Ged, Kir, Sekonet, and Therion. From these five, all of creation was made, and from these all other deities come. These are the most powerful deities that most have heard of. Prayers that go to these deities are often the most heartfelt and rarely personal, but rather communal (prayers for a people/race). It would be considered foolish to address a personal problem to so high a deity. Also at this level are the Elemental Guardians, though they are somwhat separate from the heirarchy.

The third level of deities consists of the intermediate gods, and are considered to be the children of Ged and Sekonet, or the children of Kir. Each of these intermediate gods has their own portfolio of expertise that applies to all living beings (i.e. nature, wisdom, birth, death, etc.) It is these gods that most people of faith (clerics, paladins, druids, etc.) feel called to serve. Only when a layperson has an issue that pertains to a specific deity’s portfolio will they address a prayer or give an offering to that goddess.

Finally, the lowest level deities are the racial patron gods. It is unclear whether the patron gods came into being as deities, or they are legendary individuals of that race that were raised to immortality. Most laypeople address their daily prayers to their patron god, and it is thought that the patron god will then petition the Great Family on behalf of their worshipper

A Word on Names

There are many names for each deity. The ones given are the most commonly used by the humanoid races. However, alternate equivalent names (such as those given in the Player’s Handbook) are given in each deities entry if they apply.

The Over Deities

The Divine Family

The Children of Ged and Sekonet

The Children of Kir

Elemental Guardians

Racial Patrons


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