Casciorna came into being about eight years ago when I was having lunch with my parents near their home just south of Monterey, CA. The restaurant was on the famous cliffs of the Pacific coast looking out on to the ocean, and I thought to myself “this place is so beautiful, it could be in a fantasy novel.” I went on to create a setting that uses the geography of California as the backdrop for epic adventure such as we see in Dungeons and Dragons. I did this for several reasons. First, because I no longer live in California (my home state) it allows me to revisit some of the places I know and love like the sequoia forests of the North Coast, the vast Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe, and the Mojave Desert and Death Valley. I also know what those places look like and what they feel like to be there, so I felt that I could describe those places with more authority than any place I might come up with in my head. Finally, California is such a diverse state as far as climate and topography are concerned, I thought that kind of place I might want to adventure in (that resembles something in the world) would exist in California. And so, Casciorna lives. Enjoy!